About Kipper Insurance Group

aboutsOwner: Tyler Kipper
There’s nothing better than helping someone protect the things and people that mean the most to them. I’m an insurance broker and I eat, breathe and sleep insurance. My customers are just like you. Some are car owners, renters, home owners. I have two companies that specialize in insuring antique classic cars. I have a passion for cars and have even been a judge at car shows. Some of my customers love to travel cross country in their recreational vehicles or go boating in their free time. I also provide life insurance options for my customers. And if health insurance is what you need, while I don’t provide it, I have developed a team of partners for health insurance referrals.

The reason working with me is a benefit is that I shop the market for you with my list of 16 providers- saving you the time and hassle to get quotes. My expertise comes into play in knowing which carriers are the best fit for your particular needs. Making sure you have the proper carrier for the proper coverage is what allows me to sleep at night. My customers appreciate that I have over 5 years of insurance experience, 12 years in customer service and have covered individual families and rental property managers.

If you own a business you’ll love the fact that we can insure your business, company vehicles, workman’s comp and business liability needs. I am an active member of the Business Connectors Chapter of the Business Network International.

My wife and I have a daughter and another child on the way. They inspire me to provide the best service to all my customers. I live in the southwest suburbs and my office is located in Olympia Fields.

I look forward to talking with you to see how I can help you with your insurance needs.